British History Challenge 57-58 | Love will Tear us Apart

Our legs are tired, our hearts are broken and we’re all oh so weary, but we’ve got to keep going… We’re almost there. Welcome to the 1970’s.

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UTFC | Back to the Beginning

I promised some time ago that I would take you through the writing process as I rewrite the first Morfasson book… So here we are. Right back where it all began some nine years ago. I was thirteen when i began and I hope to finish this one by the time ten years has passed since I began. (I think the actual date i started was the 13th of November, based on what inspired me to write it in the first place.) So… with eighteen months and one hundred thousand words to write, I’d best get cracking.

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Character Development

I promised I’d write more about how I construct my own work and so i thought doing this would be a good idea. It was inspired by an article I read on how they developed The Joker in The Dark Knight. As with any good piece of fiction, you need good characters but they don’t just come from nowhere.

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Naivety and the Charts

If you’ve been following me for a while or you just happen to glance at my home page you’ll find something called ‘THE UK NUMBER 1 CHALLENGE.’ So far I’ve listened up to 1985 (but only published to 1979… I like to spread things out so there’s a bit of variation in what’s published.)  My purpose in doing this is to demonstrate that the charts essentially mean nothing other than who sold the most records in one particular week. Just because a lot of people like a song it doesn’t necessarily mean it was a good one. It just sold more records than anybody else. That week could have been a slow week for sales or the selection on offer was just really bad. Not to mention, everybody has their own tastes and opinions on what makes good music. Take for instance a comment left on one of the pages. It was from a person who quite clearly disagreed with my opinions on one particular song which I really, really disliked… Which just goes to prove my point. There is probably a number 1 somewhere which I really like but that person hates. The music charts are basically worthless. All they are are a list of sales figures and a way of being able to mark your date of birth in terms of music, not how good a song is.

And then this week a couple of things came along that essentially shows that there are still people out there who believe otherwise…

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