History Challenge 44-45 | Looming Darkness

We’re not far off the end now. I can see it coming just around the bend. Some of the most dramatic and exciting parts of British History are still to come, but also some of the saddest. And we start with a murder, supposedly.

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British History Challenge 42-43 | Lions led by Donkeys

It’s time to move on with the history challenge. Now I must warn you, we are about to approach some of the darkest hours of our history. It’s not going to be pleasant and it’s not going to make comfortable viewing… These films are not going to have a happy ending. Continue reading “British History Challenge 42-43 | Lions led by Donkeys”

Thoughts on the Prime Ministers

Hardly a day goes by without someone going on about how terrible the Prime Minister and the Government is. Even if it’s so trivial such as the fact he doesn’t know what LOL means (did you expect anything else?) Seems that whoever they are they can’t do anything right. So I decided to have a look at each of the post war Prime Ministers, what they did, who they were, what they were like and offer my views on them.

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The Great Supermarket Swindle…

You can’t escape them… They’re everywhere… Big, in your face and filled with enough ‘food’ to feed a small third world country for a month… I’m talking about supermarkets, those faceless mega halls of consumption full of what they would have us believe is good quality, low priced, tasty food of infinite variety. If I was on trial here I’d be found as guilty of filling their coffers as much as the next person, but over the last few months I’ve started to see things in a very different way.

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School Reports

I was digging around in a drawer just now, looking for something, and I came across something intriguing… Three of my old school reports. I have no idea what they say but the way I remember it is that after every parents evening (particularly in primary school) I would get a bollocking for various reasons ranging from ‘being stupid’ to ‘not being able to write properly’ (I’ll explain that one) and basically because my parents were and still are abusive twats… (I’ve suspected for a while but only managed to confirm it recently… It does go a long way to explaining an awful lot of things ) They never tried to help, they just shouted like lunatics and expected something to happen…


I already know about my year 11 report because I kept it in my possession to prove I’ve got some sort of an education. With the three new ones I can add Year 7, 8 and 9 to that list…

I wonder what they say and if they really are as bad as I’ve been led to believe.


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