British History Challenge | 35-37- Men of Harlech

We’ll be in Africa for this portion of the history challenge to see what’s going down in the empire in the late Victorian Era. We’ve got battles galore and plenty of gung ho style adventuring ahead so let’s get cracking… Oh and by the way… Heath Ledger will be turning up to appease all you female readers.

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The History Curriculum Conundrum

First thing you’ll notice is that’s somethings a bit different around here… It’s not a major change but I considered that as this website is now less about me travelling the world getting up to mischief and more about my perspective on life, the universe and everything I might as well make the slight change. (And I’m still kind of stuck in hell atm… Not my fault… Blame the collapse of society) The address and the content of the sight will remain the same though…

Anyway… Onwards. I’m wondering if any of you have seen this report by some Cambridge professors about history teaching in schools?

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The Depths of Literature…

The post I made a couple of weeks ago where I compared myself to a popular author was quite well received, as has been the one where I talk about being afraid of a certain country and western singer. It’s got me thinking that I should do more posts like them, about how I write stuff and where my ideas come from etc. This isn’t exactly one of them but it’s along similar lines. Yesterday morning I had a thought: Where has all the depth and detail gone in modern literature?

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Fear of Dolly Parton.

Over the weekend I put up the latest instalment of Dark Legend. (NOTE FROM FUTURE JAMES- It’s no longer here, but it is on Amazon as Spawn) In it, I revealed Dan’s worst nightmare. It was something I had never thought about before and it just seemed to fit well with the chapter… And it’s absolutely hilarious at the same time. Dan’s worst fear has no name… It is a phobia (For sure… It is irrational…) but it’s not on a list of actual phobias. It is…. THE FEAR OF DOLLY PARTON!!!!

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Churchill VS Meyer

Like most self respecting heterosexual males, I loathe the Twilight series with a passion. Not because it’s so girly and about some dodgy love triangle between a sparkly vampire, a school girl and a werewolf,  but because I think it’s terrible. TERRIBLE. If you disagree then ask Stephen King or any other purveyor of literature. They’ll set you straight. And look on the internet… There are hundred and hundreds of websites dedicated to how terrible it is. But as a writer, it worries me. ‘What if I’m that bad???’

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