British History Challenge 32-34 | The Valleys of Death

The year is 1853. Russia has tried to invade Turkey and a chap in New York State has just invented something he calls a ‘potato chip.’ But that’s in America and we aren’t concerned with that now. Right now the British and their allies are wondering what to do about Russia…

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The Curious Case of William and Harold

Recently, I’ve posted two articles on how certain aspects of our History need to be rectified. Firstly, I spoke of the British Regnal Numbering System and how it’s so fantastically screwed up that we really need to drop it. (Find here) And secondly, I spoke of the way in which we seem to be clinging onto some mythological Victorian idyll when we really shouldn’t be (Find here). For my third (and at the present moment in time… final) article on how messed up history is, I would like to talk about how what we know of as history is actually full of intriguing curiosities if you only look hard enough and what may be the truth could in fact be a downright lie…

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Dumping the Victorians

Understandably, Queen Victoria is one of the most highly regarded and well known people in British history- Longest ruling monarch, presided over the biggest empire the world will ever see, generated enormous growth and wealth for Britain, some of the finest inventions we’ve ever had (the photograph, audio recordings, the car, railways both underground, overground and Wombling free…) There was also some nice Gothic revival architecture (If you’re ever in Manchester go and wander around Rylands Library!) However, for all the good things that came out of the Victorian era, there was also a hell of lot of useless, backwards stuff that we desperately need to get rid of.

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