This year the James Bond franchise hits fifty years old and no matter what you think that is an unprecedented achievement. I don’t think any other film franchise will ever last that long. It is also 59 years since the publication of Casino Royale. And this year also (hopefully) sees the release of the latest Bond Film… SKYFALL!!!

Personally i think that Skyfall has to be one of the coolest sounding names for a bond film there has ever been. In fact it is the coolest since… well… GoldenEye. It’s way more impressive than Quantum of Solace which, even though it is an original Fleming title is quite frankly naff. I didn’t like that one much anyway. Although Craig was great as always it just didn’t do it… it just felt like a generic action film rather than a Bond Film. Casino Royale was brilliant and i hope they go back to that sort of style for Skyfall.

Some things have already got me excited about Skyfall. Most notably as i’ve already mentioned, The title… How cool is it? Right? Secondly it’s not a continuation of Quantum of Solace… they don’t have the same screenwriter or director so hopefully it will be an awful lot better.

Thirdly… Q! Yes Q! Ok… it’s not Q Q as we know and love him but at least it’s not Basil Fawlty either. It’s that Guy who was in the Hour not that long back and he’s an alright actor. My only concern is that he’s a bit young… but then again it’ll certainly be interesting to see a Q who is younger than Bond.

It’s also got Ralph Fiennes in it. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant and i hope his role is a good one… like a villain or something… and not just a generic suit like some of the recent films have been full of.

I’ve also heard rumours that a DB5 has been spotted during filming… If Bonds back in the original DB5 that would be so awesome. I know it’s supposed to have been in other films but i’ve never seen them. Maybe they could have Connery nearly run Craig over in it as a little joke and just show him shaking his head before driving off. Ok… that would be silly… but there is a theory that each of the different Bond Actors represents a different person entirely… with James Bond being just a codename like M or Q. (Some people think this is rubbish BTW and they have a good point and evidence… but there is also much more evidence for the former: ) But it would be a nice nod to this and quite a humourous moment. It would never happen though as if Connery had turned up on set it would be everywhere by now. (And apparently the Director of Die another Day wanted this to happen as well… but i refuse to watch that one anyway!)

To be honest i haven’t seen all the Bond Movies and i’ve only read all but the last few books (Except the Man with the golden gun) and the short stories (BTW… Thunderball analysed Chapter by chapter is coming soon!) I haven’t seen: The first half of Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever, Everything from Moonraker through to Licence to Kill and finally The World is Not Enough and Die another Day (Which i flat out refuse to watch) . Wow… that’s only Nine and a half… i thought i’d seen a lot less Bond than that! I will definately be seeing Skyfall when it comes out.

And if you want to know my Favourite Bond Films (out of the ones i’ve seen) Keep em peeled.

Oh and i haven’t seen Never say Never again but that ones just Thunderball with a different name so it doesn’t count.


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