History is full of weird stuff…

History is full of lunatics as this film from the new york times shows…


So there was a guy when JFK was assasinated holding an umbrella open… the only man in Dallas that day… WITH AN UMBRELLA. An Umbrella… on a clear and sunny day. What the hell? Now nutters have suggested that this is some sort of an assasination conspiracy with a gun hidden in the umbrella. Ha ha… No. If you’ve watched the video you’ll know that he was protesting… against Neville Chamberlains appeasment of Hitler.

Really… NEVILLE CHAMBERLAINS… APPEASEMENT… OF HITLER… So either he was a liar… or quite frankly just a bit weird. I’m going to go with the latter. If he was lying why would he come forwards? Or maybe the guy who came forwards was just a crackpot anyway? Either way… if it was or wasn’t him… He was weird.

You see what this film shows is that History is full of weird shit like this. The English weren’t wearing any pants at Agincourt because they had dissentry. When the Bastille was stormed there was a man in there who thought he was Julius Caesar… At the battle of Ely in 1071 William the Conqueror had a Witch on a Platform with her pants down. She got shot up the bum with a flaming arrow. Mick Jagger once put Bees down his pants in order to enlarge himself…  It’s an offense to impersonate a Chelsea Pensioner. It’s illegal to die in the houses of parliament…

I’m sure there are many more. You know… I think i will make it one of my many aim to seek out the weirdness of history and explode the truth right here! What do you think?


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