The Power of Dreams

There are some people who believe in the power of dreams and that our dreams mean something. If you’re one of those people I would like to now laugh in your confused little face… Ha ha… No… Don’t cry… OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE? Look I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to be honest with you. Dreams don’t mean anything. It’s just your head making things up to entertain itself whilst you sleep.

Have you stopped crying yet? No… Oh for the love of… Ok, here’s the (badly written) science.

Your brain never sleeps. Even though you’re body might be sleeping all the important stuff is still going on. Your heart is still beating away and you’re lungs are still blasting away like a pair of silent bagpipes. At the top of it all is your brain which, for the most part, is still firing on all cylinders. It’s still active. Some scientists reckon it’s more active than when you’re awake. The only problem is that it’s not getting any of the usual input from the world around you, apart from the odd bit of noise perhaps. As far as retinal and perceptive input is concerned there isn’t any… So you’re brain decides to make some input of its own…

There’s no special part of the brain that does it. It’s a combination of different things happening at once and different synapses firing. It all comes together, during something called REM Sleep, to create what you and I would know as a dream. But your brain doesn’t come up with this stuff on its own. It draws things at random from it’s extensive archives and bank of emotional and physical experiences as well as what limited input it’s getting from external sources. (For instance, an owl hoots outside you might here it in you’re dream!)

Take faces… You see somebody in a dream you have never seen before… Err, WRONG. Because you have seen them before. That good looking girl you dreamed about for instance? You might have passed in the street when you were about five- And instead of being the same age as you, she’s twenty years older and married with kids of her own. That’s because our mind subconsciously remembers every face we have ever seen. It’s weird, but it’s true.

And it also depends on what you’ve been exposed to recently. I’ve been working a lot on my writing recently and as a result I’ve been dreaming that I’m in Worton (Worton is an entirely fictional place THAT I MADE UP but what I’ve been dreaming about is definitely Worton… It couldn’t be anywhere else….) The reason for this is because I’ve been spending so much time running around the place in my head that my brain might just subconsciously be thinking that it’s real, and as such is using it as a familiar dream setting. I’ve also been playing a lot of computer games recently and as such last nights dream had a  Call of Duty element to it… Though it also included Orson Welles throwing cigars at me (I do not know… I really haven’t a clue…)

And to be honest, Scientists have conclusively proven that you’re dreams  really don’t mean anything.

I’ll tell you something… When I was a kid I used to have this recurring dream about a wolf coming into my room and chasing me round and round the bed. Now according to dreamologists this means that I was avoiding dealing with an important situation… Alternatively, they say it could have something to do with my adult life… Well… the graffe in Dark Legend are kind of lupine and they howl… OH, STOP IT! That’s a tenuous link and you know it is. It was just a stupid recurring nightmare. It once rode in on a bike for God’s sake… WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? (Thing is that I can still remember these dreams as clear as day even twenty years after the fact, not bad for a nightmare!) It means nothing… It was a childish fear…

And what about Orson Welles throwing cigars at me in a COD Situation? What does that mean? And remember that dream I had in Bristol about Ponyta topping itself? No… Didn’t think you had a solution for that…

Ahhh… But what about those dreams that become real?

Well apparently these are called pregognitive dreams and about eighteen-thirty percent of people have them. I’ll admit i have them on a regular basis and i usually know I’ve had one by a weird sense of de ja vu and suddenly remembering it was from a dream. I can’t explain them, but I don’t think I really want to because it creeps me out. I’m also not quite right in the head, which might account for Ponyta throwing itself from a building.


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