What Makes Us Human?

No… Seriously… come on. What makes us human?

Is it the way we behave? Is it what we are physically? Is it our choices and actions? (Is that the same as behaviour? I’m being told it is…) But I was wondering about this earlier today and I started thinking about a few things… (Here we go again… I’m off on one… Hold onto your hats…)

This afternoon I was helping to solve a murder, as you do. Ok… It wasn’t a real murder. It was ‘Becoming Human,’ an online spin-off of Being Human, where a vampire, A werewolf and a ghost investigate a murder (rather than share a house together like they do in the main series.) It was the murder of the ghost, if you’re wondering.

I like all this crime solving/ mystery stuff. I’m not a big fan of those American style CSI type of programme where there’s virtually no mystery and it’s a bunch of people standing around a corpse for an hour. I prefer my crimes to have intrigue and mystery and tax my brain a little, to get me thinking. Like Sherlock does… Sort of. This wasn’t all that elaborate but it kept me occupied for an hour or two. It was entertaining and it got me thinking (And we all know when I think too much things tend to get a bit off track!) What actually makes us human?

This is precisely the whole point of Being Human… What makes us human? In this perspective it is our actions and our behaviours that make us human, not what we are. It doesn’t matter if we’re a vampire a werewolf or a ghost… We’re still human so long as we act like it.

Whilst I’m inclined to agree with this, I still think that there is something else that makes us human, something inside us… Maybe not a soul or anything like that though… Thing is, a human is such a strange creature, so elaborate and yet so simple… But so is every animal. Each animal has something unique that makes it that particular animal. So what is it that defines a Human?

I reckon it’s to do with the fact that we can do what we want, be what we want and live the lives we want. You live in the animal kingdom then life is nasty, brutal and short, a struggle for survival. But as a human… We rock… We rule this hunk of dirt and magma (No… That isn’t a licence to cause chaos and wreck the planet…) And if we can’t live our lives our way, what way can we live it?

I know what i’m doing with my life… I’m gonna be the best, like no one ever was. I don’t want to be famous (for fame is a fickle mistress) because that’s not for me. I just want to be the best at what I do… Writing… I’m gonna kick the Dickens out of Shakespeare and such things. I’m gonna thrash the Hogwarts out of J.K Rowling and bust Tolkien’s ass back into the fires of Mount Doom. If people recognising me comes with that fine, but I don’t want to be famous… Just the best! I’ve got a long way to go but…

Hold on… You think that’s a bit arrogant of me? FUCK YOU! If I don’t make it then you can be smug about it, when I’m dead… But I’m gonna give it a damn good go… It’s only human of me after all.

And speaking of murder mysteries the answer is most definitely YES.


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