A Warning…

Errr… I’ve just been onto Google to check out an odd search result that led someone here. I always check out my search results to see how high i am… it keeps me amused. Well… with this one i was right at the top… Google Number 1 Baby! (Swish) But i saw something else underneath… something that was EXACTLY THE SAME… The thieving little bastards..

It was only one thank goodness and when i looked on the site there was nothing there… why Google had it in the search box i don’t know… but it had me concerned. Is there other stuff of mine floating out there? I mean… you see this all the time. There are whole websites dedictated to just copying and pasting bits from other blogs and sites… without sourcing them.

So… i decided to go through every last one of them to see if there was anything else. Thankfully i found not a jot and that was the only one… thank goodness. But it has me worried.

If people are prepared to nick my ordinary shit… what about the other stuff? The stuff i care about… Well i checked that… and you have to be incredibly specific to find it.

Thankfully it’s not been stolen… or if it has… well usually people aren’t that smart… I’ve tried varients and everything i can think of and i can safely say that most of that stuff is not on Google. And am i relieved about this? Yeah… I am because i know that the only people reading that stuff are the people who i want to read it. Besides which i have proof that it’s mine… and backup copies… and other editions! (Seriously… Don’t mess with me!)

So… this is a message to anybody who plans to steal my stuff. DON’T. I will always find out if you do… I check these things. I write these posts for people to read and enjoy… i’m trying to share my mundane thoughts and existence and if you want to pilfer that know this: Not only will i know if you do, but i will also get very very angry and hunt you to the ends of the earth. I’ll let this one slide this time… but next time whoever does it won’t be so lucky!


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