Doctor Who: Rise of The Silence…

So recently i rewatched Series 5 of Dr Who (Well series 5 of ‘New’ Dr Who… Much of the original Series 5 has gone the way of the dinosaurs i’m afraid.) And I noticed something. A small something at first but like the cracks in time it grew… it grew so much that i coldn’t ignore it… (Oh and just to point out there may be SPOILERS!!! in here

First thing was that i noticed one of the Silents… I didn’t see it but i heard it. Right at the beggining of the first episode… It’s not hard to hear but all you get is their noise… just for a second. And if you were watching it for the first time or weren’t paying much attention you might not notice it.

It’s somewhere in one of those early scenes with the Crack in the Wall… just brief. I can’t pinpoint where exactly but you’ll have to trust me on the one. It’s there…

To include that noise in a scene where chronologically you aren’t supposed to know what it is… that is clever. That is so Clever. I’d say it’s as clever as some of the stuff i put into my own work but it’s probably more so because my stories aren’t that elaborate. Plus i put stuff in that makes certain things so obvious… Anyway… where was I? Oh yeah… Silents. Well… i began to wonder if there were any more so i started to become more observant as i watched… and what i found astonished me.

Let’s start with the second episode… the Beast Below. What i noticed was that there was a major silency thing in this episode… and again you wouldn’t notice the first time around… The Silence makes you FORGET things… and there’s a big button in this episode marked Forget… Several of them in fact. And making you forget things is a major silencey trait (see where i’m going with this?)

Victory of the Daleks… No Silence or Forget button this time but something else. Why Doesn’t Amy Remember the Daleks? It’s mentioned quite a lot in this episode and then it’s mysteriously and suddenly dropped. It hasn’t been mentioned since i don’t think and it was never mentioned in connection with the cracks… So what happened there? Is it just a plot hole we’re supposed to forget about and just assume it was the cracks that did it? Nehhh… I’m not happy with that explanation. I think there is something more.

And well… soon i got onto something… i won’t tell you about each individual episode because i’ll let you find the bits for yourself and make up your own mind…

But… There seems to be an overwhelming amount of stuff in this series about remembering and forgetting… and not just in trivial points like speeches or whatever… but in the actual plots themselves. The entire story arc involving the cracks… it’s about forgetting and remembering… and what is Forgetting? That’s right children… It’s a very silencey thing. And to point out as well that there was very little of this in series 6, apart from where The Silents were concerned… Curious this… maybe they thought we’d start to notice it too much?

And there are other things we now but didn’t… Rory get’s erased but River is still around… (Err? Shouldn’t she have gone as well all things considering…)

As for what is going on i can’t begin to explain… but i definately think the Silence were behind the Cracks… too much of a coincidence in my opinion. Plus there was all the stuff that was never explained… Who Blew up the Tardis and Why? Who did that voice belong to? What were those markings on Amy’s lawn? In fact… apart from a whole lot of stuff about River Song, none of the outstanding questions from this series has been answered… Unless i missed something and it all was revealed to be The Silents… Nope… just checked… Unless that’s something they want us to guess at for all time?


Oh… and i had another idea regarding what i’d do if i ever wrote an episode… i’ll tell you about it sometime soon…


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