Quantum Dimensions

The other night i had a theory… a strange, wild completely nonsensical theory involving Quantum physics. I know… I know… it makes my head hurt to. But once you read this you’ll probably be able to understand the universe a little better… because… well… it makes everything a little clearer … and i still don’t understand it myself. And this is probably also complete rubbish for all i know.

UPDATE: Since writing thi post i’ve discovered that the top part of this article about the dimensional lines is rubbish and has nothing to do with Quantum theory at all, but rather it’s rudimentary mathematics with added bullshit. I will not name the source but please be wary of things you find on the internet.

Also, I’ve found out that the whole Space/Time being treated sperately theorum is already common practice among scientists and theres something about it called the Minkowski Continum. It isn’t exactly as i described but i will leave this article here as i believe it is a rather interesting example of what can result from reading the wrong material.- James.


Ok… here goes. The Basics… this is what mathematics states. I won’t go into specific complicated detail because i’m not sure how it works myself. I just know that this is how it is supposed to be: (I’m not very good at explaining but i hope you get the gist)

The whole of existence is made up of dimensions… each of which is numbered. In this idea, we live in the third dimension above the first and second dimensions but below the fourth and fifth which are time and space respectively. There are an infinite number of dimensions… theoretically.

Now… there is a dimension zero which is essentially just a point. Like this rather lonely looking full stop—>       .

Above that you have the first dimension… which is a line like so:                       ___________

The reason this is one dimension is because you can only move in one direction: along the line. Above this we have the second dimension. Now to get from one dimension to two is simple… the dimension is expanded along a single dimension, from the centre at an angle of 90 degrees without intersecting any other dimensional line Hence we end up with something that looks like this:       +

Joining the edges up essentially shows that the second dimension is a flat plane. Or if you prefer… A SQUARE!

To get up another dimension from this you just add a single dimension through the centre at 90 degrees. Hence you end up with a cuboidal 3 dimensional structure. (It hurts, i know… bear with me coz it’s about to get worse)

The Theory states that to reach the fourth dimension (ie time) we add a single dimension at 90 degrees without intersecting another dimensional line… So… try a making a 3d shape 4d. Try thinking about how you’d do it… what it would look like. You can’t can you. And without that it’s impossible to get any higher. Scientists say that we can’t interpret this because we are ‘3 Dimensional’ and that if we we’re 2d we wouldn’t be able to see anything in 3d because of the same fact. same with 4d to 5d and so on.

To be honest i’m thinking this is just lazy and stupid. We can’t see a 4d shape because there is no such thing. The fourth dimension and above… well it doesn’t exist. THERE IS NOTHING ABOVE THE THE THIRD DIMENSION. Now just hang on a sec… i’m not rubbishing quantum theory here as i have a solution. What i think is this: Those numbered dimensions 1d, 2d and 3d have nothing whatsoever to do with time and space and there is nothing above or below that. There are just those three dimensions. I call these Geometric Dimensions… because that is what they are… Geometric.

Now heres the brain scratchy bit: Theres a second set of dimensions. Those ones i just threw out of the window. And they are completely separate from the geometric dimensions. (unfortunately owing to the nature of things i’m going to have to use them to describe the next bit… because it’s easier to understand that way) The first two of these dimensions are obvious… time and space.

Now time being the first would essentially be a linear progression, like the line of the first dimension. You can move either way along it but you can’t go in any other direction. And then intersecting that you have the dimension of space… and once you put Time and Space together you have a Plane. The time it is and where you are dictates you’re position on the plane. You can go somewhere else… and…

well let’s say you’re life is represented by this plane. The start of the X axis marks you’re birth and the end you’re death. The Y axis meanwhile dictates you’re position in the universe. You map every point on you’re life along that plane and what you end up with is this:

Ok… so you end up with a line graph where each point along the line represents a different point in space time. Great… but surely that means we’re just points on a line graph. Well that’s where the next dimension comes in.

In geometric dimensional terms this would be represented by the cube. Now… you can go anywhere in time… you can go anywhere in space… but you have another choice. A choice that makes us what we are… a choice that defines us as more than just points on a line graph. (No… i don’t have one of those for this… you’ll have to use you’re imagination.) Now… my theory is that this line represents anything that could happen, anything that will happen, anything that won’t happen and anything that can’t happen… anything that has happened and anything that hasn’t. This dimensional line represents reality… existence… what is, what was, what might have been… what will be. It essentially represents… well… everything! If you’ve understood me so far then you’re brain has just blown a fuse.

I don’t quite understand it myself but look at it this way: You go to a different point on that line and something different will happen. This could potentially change the lower dimensions… time and space. You might end up at a different point in space at a different time. I’ve explained it in in terms of geometric dimensions but i don’t think it’s like that. The way these dimensions interact is beyond our comprehension (or mine at least). And what about what’s above reality? Well i have no way of working that out. I’m not that clever.

I was half asleep when i dreamed this rubbish up. Most scientists seeing this would probably laugh at my insignificance and inferior knowledge. I’m not a scientist and i know nothing about quantum physics. Theres probably something i’m not getting or understanding which blows this out of the water and i accept that. I’m no Professor Brian Cox or Stephen Hawking. I’m just an out of work writer with a history degree and a mad idea about how the universe works. But what i’m suggesting is basically this:

There are two types of dimension: Geometric Dimensions (of which there are three, 1d, 2d and 3d) And Quantum Dimensions (Which are theoretically infinite, the first three being Time, Space and Reality)

The reality dimension represents events… everything that has, won’t, can’t, hasn’t and will happen.

In conclusion: Time= When, Space = Where and Reality =What (Or if you want a stupid equation then T+S/R=W3)

Or if you prefer

Looking at the above equation has made me think… what if above Reality is the How and maybe in another dimension the Why… it’s a possibility. And that would make the equation look like this:

T+S/R+H+W= W4+H

Now, this might be useless in terms of quantum theory for all i know (and let’s face it, i’ve probably really misunderstood something and this is probably all just nonsense) but i have had a thought… what about the historical applications? Could this idea be used to study the past? The equation certainly suggests to me that it could…

(I told you it was Rubbish!)



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