12 for 2012

You may have noticed that this is the third day in a row during which I’ve posted something. Well… I’m trying to post at least once a day for a whole month. So far it’s the third and it appears to be working. Some days I’ll be posting drivel, others maybe an adventure or two, some days it will be challenge results and occasionally it will be related to my literary work… Like today…

This coming year I intend to make my literary debut with the first instalment of THE MORFASSON SAGA, which if you haven’t picked up on yet (I think I’ve mentioned it several times in the last few blog posts… Am I plugging this to death?) Is called REBELS AND RACISTS.  So… Because of this, I decided to give you twelve small facts about The Morfasson Saga (and the family which it is named after) for 2012. I’ve never told some of these to anyone… 😉

  1. Starting  from about 1670 there are 75 Characters who are part of the Morfasson Family. This includes those who marry into the family and those who have a different surname. If you take those away then there are only 50. There are only 14 of these involved in the actual saga.
  2.  The fifty are (In birth order) Eldrick I, Oliver, Henry, Sir William, Eldrick II, Charles, Llewellyn, Francis, Eldrick III, Thomas, Agnes, Martha, Anna, Penrhyn, Morgan, Emily, Harwick, Deillo, Oswald, Lawrence, George, Albert, Frederick, John, Frederick II, Max, Mable, Monty, Edward, Seamus, Arthur, Fletcher, Erasmus, Tiberius, Earnest, Harry, Otto, Benjamin, William, Marcus, Marcus II, Jack, Claire, Octavius, Georgina, Danny, William Hengist, Catrin, Alex and Julian… Those that have an involvement in the saga are underlined. All receive some sort of mention, however.
  3.  One of the fifty has a Facebook profile and another previously had one…
  4. The family Motto is ‘Ubi tenebris cadit surgent mos fabulum,’ which relates to something important.
  5. Theres also an anagram and once you work it out you might begin to notice things…
  6.  The saga as a whole is comprised of four different story arcs, each of which have a varying number of books… They are (In chronological order) ‘The Return of SHEMBLE’ seven Books) ‘Rebels and Racists’ (one Book) ‘The Human Trilogy’ (obvious…) and ‘Heritage Wars’ (6 Books) Each book is self contained but contributes to the overall story arc.*
  7.  There are many well known figures who appear during the story but remain unnamed. Keep an eye out for The Beatles (Or at least three of them!), Margaret Thatcher, Sid Vicious, Quentin Crisp and Richard Dawkins, amongst others.
  8. The Family have three homes. They are: Cythry in North Wales, Marsh Hall in Yorkshire and an Apartment in Westminster.
  9.   The phone number for Cythry is 01632 960699. The full postal address is: Cythry, Cythry, Conwy, LL24 5OY.
  10.  The Daily Press newspaper has been running a near continuous hate campaign against the family since 1872…
  11. Although it seems like they have endless ammounts of money, they really don’t.
  12.  One character opens a business in Amsterdam at one point…

That’s all for today. Tomorrow I’ll post something more substantial. Just be warned that it involves some morbidity and discussions of death and death bingo!


*Since The Morfasson Saga became The Morvaverse, this is now no longer the case.


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