American Food… More than Burgers and Fries?

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption recently and it’s sparked off yet again something i’ve wanted to do for a while… drive across America.

I want to see the open plains, the wide open spaces and the rocky mountains. I want to dance in New Orleans and cross the Mojave towards Vegas. But now i’ve had another idea. Food.

I’ve already seen DC and a little bit of New York and Philedelphia, but that was on a school trip and we were forced to go around in groups. Unfortunately i got lumbered with a group who weren’t very adventurous when it came to cuisine. So my experience of American food basically consists of McDonalds and Buffalo Wings. Not great. So heres a photograph of Benjamin Franklin next to the Liberty Bell.

But to be honest, America surely has more to offer than burgers and french fries… what about soul food for instance? What about grits and Hoagies? Trying different foods and experimenting with ingredients is something i do a lot. And to travel across America sampling the food, the more i think about it, is something i really want to do.

I’ll add the journey to the list… But who says you need to go across the Atlantic to try it? I could always try and recreate some classic american dishes… right?


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