They banned Cliff Richard???

Just take a look at this article:

Yep. Absolute Radio have BANNED Cliff Richard. I’ll just repeat that. They’ve BANNED Cliff Richard. They’ve banned him because he’s not cool. Now i won’t pretend on this one. I’m not a Cliff Richard fan. I’m not an Elvis fan. I’m not a fan of Eminem or Dolly Parton and i am definately not a fan of Justin Bieber (And i know i’m far from not alone on that one). But to go as far as banning them??? No. In my opinion that’s just wrong… and in some ways disgraceful.

Now if you’ve seen the UK No 1 Challenge you’ll have noticed i do have a strong opinion on certain and at times on there i have derided certain people as crap. But like i’ve been saying since i started, The results of the UK No 1 challenge are all nothing more than a matter of opinion. You’ll probably have your own opinion

No matter what i may think though, a lot of people like some of the singers i don’t. You just have to read the youtube comments to see how much affection these songs have. It’s like anything… everybody has an opinion and likes different things. But to go as far as banning somebody just because they are ‘uncool’? No. You can’t. That’s the sort of thing that dictators do.

And to be fair, i have played all of the above a number of times during my radio career (with only one exception… guess which one.) And if anybody were to request a song i didn’t like? Would i play it? Yes. of course i would. And as for Cliff? Well… you can’t have christmas without him 😉


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