The Da Vinci Trail

I was watching a programme the other day about Da Vinci and some lost painting they had discovered…  It was the slightly evil looking one of Jesus with the squinty eye (Hmmm… the Evil Jesus With The Squinty Eye by Da Vinci???? Might have to use that!)

Anyway. It gave me a bit of an idea. Turns out there aren’t that many official Da Vinci paintings in the world. If you include the disputed paintings, the total comes up to 21. (22 if you count Evil Jesus with the Squinty Eye)  Twenty of those are in Europe:

6 in the Louvre in Paris,

3 in the Uffizi in Florence,

3 in Milan

2 at the Hermitage in St Petersburg

2 in the National Gallery, London.

1 in Munich,

1 in the Vatican

1 in Krakow

and 1 in Parma.

(The remaining picture is in Washington DC.)

Visiting all of these would make for one amazing trip. My idea is be to start in London and head down to Rome by way of Paris. Then the trip would work it’s way back up through Italy visiting Florence, Parma and Milan before heading to Munich, Krakow and finally finishing up in St Petersburg. Unfortunately, the travel alone would cost in excess of what I can afford right now. And that’s before adding overnight accommodation in a minimum of eight different cities and not counting the return trip. One day I will undertake this adventure.

Ok… So I hear they’re all at the National Gallery right now… But wheres the fun in that?


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