OBI WAN VS DUMBLEDORE | British History Challenge: #19-21

Onwards with the history Challenge, and we pick up the story somewhere in the sleeply backwaters of East Anglia… Which is apparently full of witches!

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American Food… More Than Burgers and Fries?

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption recently and it’s sparked off, yet again, something which I’ve wanted to do for a while: drive across the US.

I want to see the open plains, the wide open spaces and the rocky mountains. I want to dance in New Orleans and cross the Mojave to Vegas. But now I’ve also had another idea- Food.

I’ve already seen DC and a little bit of New York and Philadelphia, but that was on a college trip and we were forced to go around in groups. Unfortunately i got lumbered with a group who weren’t very adventurous when it came to cuisine. So my experience of American food basically consists of McDonalds and Buffalo Wings. Not great. And here’s a photograph of Benjamin Franklin next to the Liberty Bell:

America surely has more to offer than burgers and french fries. What about soul food? What about grits and Hoagies? Trying different foods and experimenting with ingredients is something I do a lot. To travel across America sampling the food, the more I think about it, is something I really want to do.

I’ll add the journey to the list… But who says you need to go across the Atlantic to try it? I could always try and recreate some classic American dishes myself… Right?

They Banned Cliff Richard???

Just take a look at this article:

Yep. Absolute Radio have BANNED Cliff Richard. I’ll just repeat that. They’ve BANNED Cliff Richard. They’ve banned him because he’s ‘not cool.’ Now I won’t pretend on this one. I’m not a Cliff Richard fan. I’m not an Elvis fan. I’m not a fan of Eminem or Dolly Parton and I am definitely not a fan of Justin Bieber (And i know i’m far from not alone on that one). But to go as far as actually banning them??? No. In my opinion that’s just wrong, and in many ways disgraceful.

Now if you’ve seen the UK No 1 Challenge (Note: All those have now been deleted,) you’ll have noticed that I do have a strong opinion on certain things and at times on there I have derided certain people musicians. But like I’ve been saying since I started, the results of the UK No 1 challenge are all nothing more than a matter of opinion. You’ll probably have your own opinion when it comes to the songs on there.

No matter what I may think though, a lot of people like some of the singers which I don’t. You just have to read the YouTube comments to see how much affection some of these songs have. It’s like anything… Everybody has an opinion and likes different things. But to go as far as banning somebody just because they are ‘uncool?’ No. You can’t. That’s the sort of thing that dictators do.

And to be fair, I have played all of the above a number of times during my radio career (With only one exception… Guess which one? Note: This is no longer true!) And if anybody were to request a song I didn’t like? Would I play it? Yes. Of course I would. And as for Cliff? Well… You can’t have Christmas without him.

The Da Vinci Trail

I was watching a programme the other day about Da Vinci and some lost painting they had discovered…  It was the slightly evil looking one of Jesus with the squinty eye (Hmmm… the Evil Jesus With The Squinty Eye by Da Vinci???? Might have to use that!)

Anyway. It gave me a bit of an idea. Turns out there aren’t that many official Da Vinci paintings in the world. If you include the disputed paintings, the total comes up to 21. (22 if you count Evil Jesus with the Squinty Eye)  Twenty of those are in Europe:

6 in the Louvre in Paris,

3 in the Uffizi in Florence,

3 in Milan

2 at the Hermitage in St Petersburg

2 in the National Gallery, London.

1 in Munich,

1 in the Vatican

1 in Krakow

and 1 in Parma.

(The remaining picture is in Washington DC.)

Visiting all of these would make for one amazing trip. My idea is be to start in London and head down to Rome by way of Paris. Then the trip would work it’s way back up through Italy visiting Florence, Parma and Milan before heading to Munich, Krakow and finally finishing up in St Petersburg. Unfortunately, the travel alone would cost in excess of what I can afford right now. And that’s before adding overnight accommodation in a minimum of eight different cities and not counting the return trip. One day I will undertake this adventure.

Ok… So I hear they’re all at the National Gallery right now… But wheres the fun in that?

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