The Curse of Conformity

The modern world is a cruel and wicked place. You start off naked, screaming and helpless. Right from the off your life is dictated and controlled. You don’t get to choose what school to go to, what clothes to wear, what to eat, where to go, how to look… You’re expected to conform to someone else’s expectations and all because of the way you start. Gradually, you get your own choices and freedom. Then finally, when you no longer have to conform to the first, you have to conform to society’s expectations.

You get chundered out of the education system, be it because you choose not to go further, or they won’t let you or because you can go no further. You’re expected to get some drudge of a job because where you actually want to work is so exclusive only a select few get in. All the good jobs that people want to work in? You need years of ‘professional experience’ which you can only get by working in that particular job and there’s no other way in. Sometimes you can get lucky but most of the time, forget it. The people in those jobs have probably already decided they don’t want to know you and you aren’t good enough for them.

And then society expects you get a house, settle down, get married, have kids and then the whole cycle starts again, whilst society itself starts to chew you up, living your life in exactly the same way, day after day, week after week and year after year until you’re dead. And even then you’re still expected to conform to society.

Well… I don’t want to conform. I don’t want a drudge job. I don’t want to do what people expect of me. I don’t want to live my life in misery, always dreaming of what could never be… I want to do what makes me happy and I want to continue building this weird and wonderful world I’ve built. I want share what I’ve created and if anybody tells me I can’t do it my way then that conformist bastard can rot in their drudge for the remainder of their days.

So that brings me onto  Dark Legend… Ahhh yes. My uber epic TV serial which I sent off into the world a few months ago . It came back crying like a child on the first day of school claiming that everybody hated it. Anyway, I’ve sat it down, given it a hug, reminded it that it still has friends from it’s nursery (don’t know what the ol’ student radio station would make of being called a nursery…) and have begun trying to find a better school to enrol it in. What am I talking about here? What? Oh yeah Dark Legend. I’m not giving up on it because of all the effort that’s gone into it… So what I’m going to do is pick it up, give it a quick check to see if anything else can be improved upon before sending it back on its way to a brand new destination, wishing it luck as I wave it goodbye.

I’m not sure how long it’ll all take though. You’ll see it one day though. Even if it’s twenty years… But that’s all parr for the course and I’ve always known it might be a long time before it gets done. Never surrender… if I stick with it… it’ll happen. I’m not going to change it to suit somebody else. That’s the way it is and if people don’t like it then they can lump it.

I’ve said this before: If you can’t do it your way, it isn’t worth doing.


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