Beyond the Legend

Oh, hi Dark Legend… It’s been a while. Whatcha been up to?

Ok… Truth is, the last I heard about the script was a little postcard that said it had arrived at it’s destination and at some point within four months they’d either get back to me on it’s further development or return the script with/without feedback depending on what they feel about it. That was two months ago… Which i’m guessing might be a good sign… Right?

Let’s look at the basic facts:

  • If it really sucked it would have come back by now
  • If it were garbage I wouldn’t have ever finished it
  • I wouldn’t have laboriously edited it down to minute detail either.
  • And I wouldn’t have cut it down into an hour long oratorio piece or even considered the radio adaptation

Anyway, I may have to do this some day so below I’ve written a general, mostly spoiler free synopsis of each episode… Sort of just to waste a bit of time while I’m bored, without money and any hope of getting out of here for the next few weeks.

Episode 1: A Town Called Malice

Welcome to Hell… AKA Worton- A place so despicable, horrible and disgusting that it makes a rubbish dump look like a nice place to live. In this episode we meet the main players: Will, Joe, Doug and Harris, as well as a few of the others who’ll be dragged down before the story ends.

Technically speaking this is the second Episode one as with my first attempt at it I wasn’t really sure where the story was going or who these people were. As you’d expect from a first episode this is simply just an introduction. Yes, the seeds are sown for later on, but really I wasn’t to concerned about the general overall arc here, just getting to know the characters and setting up what the whole thing is about.

It’s one of my top three for the entire series and I think it sets up the remaining story well and has a few shits and giggles doing it along the way.

Episode 2: The Sound of Silence

This is where it really begins… Alliances have been forged and the players have taken their position on the board. There are secrets, lies and echoes of a past long forgotten. There’s also a funeral which forms a major part of the episode. It’s darker and a bit more serious than the first episode.

The rules of TV writing state that the first episode should hook them and the second should reel them in. That’s what I was aiming to do here… In other words, get the story going. I could have integrated most of the important stuff from this into episode one but then I thought it might be a bit heavy to all take in in one go, which essentially makes this and the preceding episode a very loose two parter.

You won’t realise it but this one’s the key to some of the twists, especially the one involving Dan. The clues are there in this one but I’m not telling you what they are coz I don’t want to spoil it.

This is also the episode where we meet Alex for the first time, albeit very briefly.

Episode 3: Thunderwing

What has to be the strangest of them all: Thunderwing! Named after a T Rex B-Side, no less. It might be strange but some very important stuff happens here, especially involving Eliza and Randy as we start to see their actions having some sort of an impact on the others.

I based a little bit of this episode on something I was told way back when I was first writing it. Apparently, there was some weirdo going around terrorising people whilst wearing various different costumes like a panda Suit and a wedding dress. Naturally I adapted this to suit Dark Legend and threw in an awesome fight scene for the resolution.

Will falls in love, Randy gets hospitalised and Eliza decides it’s time to start flexing her breasts, literally.

It’s one of the more humorous episodes, at least to start with, and I think that’s needed because of what’s going to happen next…

Episode 4: The Blood of Princes

It’s time to learn something important here… Something that plays a very big part in the ending. For that I needed to introduce a character who would be able to reveal this, but not much else. That’s where this episode comes in. We’ve got used to the main characters and the whole idea of the story and now it’s time for things to start getting nasty.

Randy’s character takes a dramatic turn and what happens here will affect the whole story going forward. Eliza and one other character spend the night together (how could he!) and we also learn who she lost her virginity to. (It’s actually quite shocking!) We learn a bit more about Joe this episode as well (including the fact that when it comes to bereaved girlfriends he’s worse than Randy for trying to get his leg over, and infinitely more successful at it!) There’s also a cameo appearance from Professor Robert Winston. As for the ending… Well, you won’t believe it!

This is the only episode not to be named after a song title/lyric.

Episode 5: Bad Moon Rising

I think this was by far the most difficult one to write, largely because a lot of stuff needed to happen. Firstly there needed to be a resolution to the events of the previous episode without glossing over anything or copping out. There has to be a reason for everything and that’s what this one is really. Connecting the events of the previous four episodes and driving them towards Episode six’s game changer.

I think with the second version of this one I’ve more or less got it right. The first version of this went completely off the rails because the cliffhanger wasn’t resolved properly and I didn’t really have enough material to fill it but I had too much to fit in to dump it completely. It needs a bit of work to get it up to the standards of the others, but I don’t think it’s the weakest episode. It’s not going to be in the top three but it’s getting there.

As for the final act… Well i think you might well cry at this one as at least one recurring character is going to die. You’ll know it’s coming but when it happens, and with the music I’ve selected to go along with it, everything’s going to look really tragic and upsetting. Also… The person dying works out something really important (which you’ll also probably work out from earlier information) and before you can even wipe the tears away this ones going to traumatise you with something really horrible. And somebody locks themselves in a cupboard.

Episode 6: Out of Nothing at All

The mid-point, and this is where I put the game changer. The surviving characters, battered, beaten and demoralised now face their biggest challenge so far. I don’t want to give anything away as this is another of my top three. Needless to say, there are many, many deaths in this one and a devastating climax for one major character.  Everything really builds to the massive cliffhanger at the end…

Episode 7/8 In The Land of The Pig/The Final Crack of Dawn

A year has passed since the events of the previous episode… Things aren’t going well as episode seven starts with some killer Telletubbies and a quick visit to HMP Worton to visit prisoner 1025, who is going to have escaped by the end of the episode.

These two are primarily intended to show what’s going to happen if the graffe aren’t beaten and it isn’t pleasant. But there’s also new characters to get to know, old ones to keep the story going and Alex is back to stay! If you’ve missed the first half of the story you can still jump on here and things will all make sense.

Episode 9: No Angel Born Hell

A new girlfriend for one character spells an awful lot of trouble. The title comes from American Pie: “And as I watched him on the stage, my hands were clenched in fists of rage. No Angel born in Hell, could break that Satan’s spell.

Episode 10: We Don’t need another Hero

Wrapping up a loose end in this one. Someone you’ve thought long gone is about to make a return and old problems are about to resurface. This one’s all about the newer characters and how they’re coping with the impossibility of everything. One character ends up in a cage and three others are going to die… And a lot of people are about to be made homeless as well.

Episode 11/12: The Impossible Dream

So in the end it all boils down to this: One Epic Battle… One final clash of heroes and villains and the fate of humanity hanging on the outcome. But there are still secrets and revelations to be revealed, some truly heartbreaking scenes and finally… A LEGEND RISES!

Obviously I can’t tell you much about the last few episodes but episode 11 is definitely my favourite and it features a battle that I’m hoping will rival the siege of Gondor in Return of the King.

And that’s that… Well apart from the sequel… Which includes two returning characters, a dolphin in a top hat and an exploding pub. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And as for the charity single idea…  Err… No.



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