Bad News

After what I said the other day, the Dark Legend script just landed on my doorstep… Without feedback. Extremely disappointed but I’m not going to give up hope of it ever seeing the light of day.


Beyond the Legend

Oh, hi Dark Legend… It’s been a while. Whatcha been up to?

Ok… Truth is, the last I heard about the script was a little postcard that said it had arrived at it’s destination and at some point within four months they’d either get back to me on it’s further development or return the script with/without feedback depending on what they feel about it. That was two months ago… Which i’m guessing might be a good sign… Right?

Let’s look at the basic facts:

  • If it really sucked it would have come back by now
  • If it were garbage I wouldn’t have ever finished it
  • I wouldn’t have laboriously edited it down to minute detail either.
  • And I wouldn’t have cut it down into an hour long oratorio piece or even considered the radio adaptation

Anyway, I may have to do this some day so below I’ve written a general, mostly spoiler free synopsis of each episode… Sort of just to waste a bit of time while I’m bored, without money and any hope of getting out of here for the next few weeks.

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Dr Who and What I’d Do (Given Half The Chance…)

Every Dr Who fan dreams of writing an episode or gaining control of the entire series once in a while. Some manage to do just that.  Chances are that most people aren’t going to get to write an episode and like those, I’m no different. So I thought i’d just describe the ideas I have here just coz they’re never gonna happen. As you’ll see, I have though waaay too much about this:

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Rise of The Tudors | British History Challenge: #12-15

Sadly the time has come to wave goodbye to the medieval era in the challenge and now we must move on, quite considerably. Strange to think that I’ve come so far through time and yet three quarters of the challenge remains. It’s time for us to hit the Tudor era: Yes… the age of  Greedy, Fatty, Squeaky, Shorty, Bitchy and Ugly. As nobody has made a film about Greedy, let’s start with Fatty (AKA Henry VIII!) and the worst film of the challenge so far…

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