As a completely unashamed fan of all things Dr Who, its only a natural thing for me to also watch its spin off series, the ubiquitous Torchwood. The series started, what seems like many years ago now, back in good old 2006.

It’s changed a bit since then and the latest series is all shiny and American. Now I don’t mind it being a bit Americanised, but I ask you, where are the aliens? I haven’t seen a proper, decent alien menace in Torchwood since… You know i think it might have been the one with the carnival people way back in the second series.  Torchwood is supposed to be adult science fiction- That means there should at least be a certain amount of malice/horror contained therein. I like my sci-fi to be complete with dangerous, ugly, flesh ripping monsters and maybe the odd lunatic thrown in for good measure. I haven’t really felt that with the last couple of series. Yeah… Children of Earth had the “456” (Seriously? I could think of a few much better names than that given about ten minutes and a bottle of vodka!) but we never saw it properly and it spent most of the time in a glass cabinet thing. So far with series four we haven’t seen any butt ugly aliens… There may be one at some point, but its starting to bug me a bit. I’m not holding out much hope.


And I have a theory as well… concerning the ending to this series. Cpt Jack will either sacrifice himself/be killed to begin with. Then, soon after, the natural process of death will return and guess who then comes back to life? Just watch me be proven right.


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