I had Cholera Once

Today didn’t start well.

For starters I had one of those dreams where you think you’re awake but actually you’re still asleep last night. I hate those things because I always feel, afterwards, that I’ve not had enough sleep and end up in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It was also one of those dreams where you find you can’t move when you desperately want to, the ones where it’s like someone’s holding you down. I hate these as well. So all in all not a good start to the day.

Never mind though… Off into the big wide world to see what mischief I can get up to. Today it was Manchester’s turn. Before I even got to the train station I managed to injure my left eye in an incident involving a bus, a pole and a blonde girl.

Now this isn’t what you’re thinking. I was getting off the bus and the blonde girl, who was sat a few rows behind was getting off as well. Being a gentlemen, (snigger all you want,) I paused to let her past. However, she did the same thing. Thus ensued one of those moments where two people’s eyes meet across a not so crowded bus. Just to cut the situation short, I moved, checking her out a bit as I did so. Just as I was checking her out the driver braked suddenly… I lost my balance and my head went sideways into a pole.

So after waking up in a bad mood and nearly knocking myself out on the bus you’d think things couldn’t get much worse. The train was standing room only. Then my iPod ran out of juice whilst playing Live and Let Die. I only have myself to blame as I was almost tempted to update it this morning. Now if only I had done this maybe it would have had time to charge up enough to get me to Manchester with music.

No music, bad mood and a small, throbbing pain over my left eye, I arrive at Oxford Road station. Yeah… Oxford Road. The one in the middle of Manchester’s theatre district where you can’t escape large posters for musicals like the Sound of Music. (Best part of that film was the end where they are in fact walking straight towards Hitler’s Bavarian mountain retreat!) Speaking of Hitler, not far from Oxford Road is the Midland Hotel, which the aforementioned is said to have ordered not to be bombed because he liked the place. Story goes that he lived in Liverpool for a while in 1912/13. Coincidentally there’s a war memorial nearby as well. (Irony?)

The entire purpose of my trip was the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. It’s a really good museum and it takes a good few hours to wander around, which is always a bonus for any museum. Downside was that it’s that time of year when schools start to drag every student away from the classroom and into a museum… And there were more kids here besides… So the place was full of children. Naturally this meant that they were crowded around every interactive exhibit like flies, which meant I had to spend most of my time looking at the more stoical, learned exhibits such as the toiletry and sewage exhibit like a proper adult. There were kids here too, unfortunately, going around the wrong way might I add. They were with a teacher who mentioned something about cholera.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to let it out… But to be fair all I did was say “I had Cholera once… It hurt” and moved on… I didn’t stay for the repercussions. Might have been funny if I had, then again might not have been. If it freaked them out then good, they deserved it for going around the wrong way.

I did find one part of the museum that was reasonably quiet: The DNA exhibit, which is what I went there to see. I have a fascination with DNA. I just love the way it seems so oddly stable and yet slight alterations can cause big, massive changes to the overall structure. Maybe its the mad scientist in me. If I’d had my way to begin with I would have followed through with biology after GCSE, but that’s a whole different story and one I might tell someday. Alas… The mutations bit wasn’t working properly but I still got to play around with some interactive bits. I might have even annoyed a few people by playing with a ‘build it yourself double helix’ for a bit too long… It even had a scanner that gave you the type of combination it was. Really cool.


The next set of reviews for the BHC should be coming start of next week. Things are also looking up on the job front as well. I’ve now had some more semi positive responses so I’m assuming that I’m past the low point on this one.


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