The M.C Hammer of Pain

I spent last night in agony. Why? Because a filling came loose and got infected, that’s why. My last visit to the dentist was because a tooth had split and become infected to the point where the gum above it had ballooned. Unfortunately, the dentist I visited didn’t believe the tooth had split, cut a nice slice through my lip, drilled a large hole in the back of the tooth and then shoved a load of crushed up stuff into the gap to ease the pain. Then they told me to gargle salt water. It worked… Sort of. But I’m thinking right now that I might have visited some fancy new age herbalist dentist by accident, although it definitely seemed like a normal dentists at the time. Needless to say that tooth continued to split and now only half of it remains.

But that was that tooth. This is another. Another that no matter what I do the filling always seems to make a break for freedom. Don’t ask me why but it probably involves a deluded dental conspiracy to squeeze money out of people by sticking in dodgy fillings. That’s another rant entirely… After spending a sleepless night with no painkillers around, no twenty four hour pharmacy nearby and a mouth being attacked by large mallet wielding gorillas from the inside, I visited the dentist. Not the same one mind you.

Rather than solve the problem do you know what they did? Stuck some crud in there to stop the infection spreading and prescribed me penicillin. The crud got washed away as soon as I took a drink. Shows how useful that was.

So far I’m waiting for the penicillin to kick in. No luck yet. Could be in for another night of pain. And I’ve managed to burn my tongue now as well, so I’m currently experiencing the double whammy M.C Hammer of pain. Now if only someone would shout ‘STOP!’

In other news, I thought i’d try a new tactical approach to batting out of here. I’ve redone my CV and I’m working on a new cover letter. It might give me a better fighting chance now as everything is clearer and more concise. Lets hope it isn’t all a waste of time.

Also… It got sent. Yep… you know what i mean by it. IT- I mean Dark Legend. We’ll wait for the results on that one though.

I’m going back to my pain right now.

See ya on the other side.


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