Dark Legend

I hinted, at the end of my first blog post, about something entitled “Dark Legend.”

Dark Legend is a project I’ve been working on since I was sixteen. Primarily it’s an eleven/twelve part TV serial. I believe in the US it’s referred to as a miniseries. There is nothing mini about this, however, as the story unfolds into a massive thrill ride of car chases, explosions, post apocalyptic worlds, epic battles, tragedy, betrayal, romance and heroism all set against a backdrop of impending disaster for humanity.

Describing the actual plot is hard for me. I know what it’s about inside my head but I can never seem to get it quite right when trying to actually describe it to people or write it down… So this might seem a little odd/complex… But here goes…

 The teenage population of the world is suddenly and mysteriously transformed into hideous inhuman monsters known as “graffe”.  Completely at a loss as to what to, the world falls into fear and panic and the graffe are allowed to run rampant, with nothing or no one to stop them. Then reports begin to surface… Graffe are found beaten up… Nests are raided… People are saved from being ripped to pieces… A legend rises…

Six months after the first graffe appears the students of Beiderbecke College, Worton (A former industrial metropolis somewhere in Lancashire) discover that the legend is amongst them and that his name is Will Fleming. He’s also not everything he’s cracked up to be.

Following a break-in at the college and the appearance of a man who claims to be leading the graffe, Will and his new friends Joe, Randy, Dan and Doug, set out to find a way to stop the graffe before they destroy the world. Little do they know, however, the true extent of the task ahead of them and the dark and dangerous times the whole world may soon have to face!

That’s a very rough synopsis without any major spoilers but it gives you a gist of what the thing is about.


Well… As the feedback so far has been positive I’ve begun editing down the thing, with the intention of finally getting it out into the big wide world. It’s a long and arduous process as each episode is around fifty pages long and each has to be cut down by around ten pages. This mainly involves getting rid of bumfluff scenes that don’t go anywhere as well as removing some of the more absurdist plot points that I’m no longer happy with- Like the second act of part five which for some strange reason is entirely made up of an elaborate Dickensian musical with original numbers such as “Burn Through My Heart” and “Death, Glorious Death.” Whatever I was on when I thought that was a good idea i have no idea… but I’ve had to rewrite the entire episode just to get rid of it. The new version is much better and involves a cameo by Richard Dawkins… AND NO SINGING! Now let us never speak of that abomination again.  (Seriously… what the f**k was I thinking?)

Anyway… After each episode has been cut down, sorted out and edited properly (usually takes about a week) it has to be properly formatted with scripting software. I’m using a programme called Celtx. This takes about another day.

So far it’s been a great experience. Adapting it for radio (yeah… I did that as well,) allowed me to see it in a different way and see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also got a better idea of the characters now that they have been given actual voices rather than just lines and detailed descriptions (thanks to a brilliant cast who excelled themselves… Shame they’re all too old for the TV version… They can have cameos!)  It did annoy me at first when I was going through and all i could hear in my head was the relevant cast member speaking, but I’ve got used to it now.

I am a bit worried though… Especially with the whole idea of actual real people becoming the characters I created so long ago… It was weird enough at the radio auditions (As the words: OH GOD! on the audition notes are tantamount to!)


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