Stuck in Hell…

So… I’ve just finished three years of a history and archaeology degree. I’ve left all my friends behind as well as the best student radio station in the world. You’d immediately think that there would be bigger and better things just waiting for me. New friends, new places, new adventures…



Yes… NO! At the moment I’m stuck exactly where I don’t want to be… Hell. Or at least it seems like hell. I’m in a place where there is almost nowhere to go, nothing to do and nobody to talk to.  The entire place is full of inbred freaks, weirdos and incestuous bipeds. Any friends I may once have had here have long since forgotten about me, just like the ones I’ve left behind probably will in a couple of years time.

The trouble is to have adventures, go places and meet people in the modern world you need a secure income and that usually entails getting a job. Here in lies the root of why i’m stuck here. I need a job… Yet nobody appears to want to employ me.  I’ve been applying for a job in the radio industry because that’s what i want to do.

So I’ve been sending out my CV and demo reel in the hope that someone somewhere in the country will give me a job. So far, no luck.

It’s not that I don’t have the experience, drive, motivation or qualifications… indeed, one of the few replies which I’ve received said I had an excellent CV, although then they also basically said “we don’t want you to work for us, F**k off”- in much ruder terms.  These past three years I’ve been working desperately hard so I would never have to come back here. Looks like I failed on that front.

Oh well… Theres always Plan B… It’s called “Dark Legend”



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